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Rates and working method

First of all, I offer afreeintroductory meeting. This discusses how I work, what your request for help is and thecostof the treatment.

Based on my membership with itNVPA/RBCZ As a psychosocial therapist, I am reimbursed by almost all health insurers (for complementary care/alternative medicine). Additional insurance is required for this. The reimbursement from the supplementary package differs per health insurer and is subject to change. To be sure of the amount of the reimbursement, it is best to contact your health insurance.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me.

The client decides how often he/she wants to talk to me.

The average number of sessions is 4 – 8 times.

I use the following rates:

  • Individual calls are € 85 per hour

  • For guidance at home, € 10 for travel time and travel costs will be charged.

  • Visit to schools are € 85

Professional associations

I am registered with the following professional associations:

NIP (Psychologist NIP)



Chamber of Commerce: 17263370


Quality assurance

As an NVPA therapist, I must adhere to the complaints procedure in accordance with the WKKgz (Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act ( Here you can read more about my complaints procedure.

Here you will find itcomplaint form.


Privacy declaration

Here you can read more about myPrivacy declaration.


Terms and Conditions

Here you can read more about my  Terms and Conditions.

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