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Ina Zeitlin

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My story


My name is Christine (Ina) Zeitlin and I was born in 1960 in Königstein in Germany. In 1980 I completed secondary school (VWO) there and came to the Netherlands where I followed the HBO-V education and completed it in 1984. In 2004 I graduated from Tilburg University as a psychologist. Since 2005 I have been working as a freelance school psychologist at a secondary school in Eindhoven, where I not only guide students with problems, but also regularly advise mentors and teachers.

In addition to my work at school, I have accompanied clients at home here and there. I liked this combination so much that I decided to start my own practice at home. The opening of this practice took place in June 2009.

I am married to a Dutchman with whom I have regularly lived abroad (South Africa, England, China). In South Africa I obtained my Bachelor of Arts at the University of South Africa.

Our daughter (1990) and our son (1993) were both born in the Netherlands because we lived in the Netherlands in between. When the children were small, I followed an evening study (part-time) Psychology at the University of Tilburg. Just before graduating, we moved to Germany for almost 5 years, where I did an internship with a child and adolescent psychiatrist, did a major investigation and then worked part-time for her for another 2 years. After we came back I graduated pretty quickly in 2004. To guarantee the quality of my work, I have since been engaged in specialization courses in cognitive behavioral therapy and especially solution-focused therapy. In 2008 I obtained my Masters in Solution Focused Therapy.
I have also followed courses for the interpretation of drawings and I am working on body-oriented psychology.

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Hawthorn 32
5666 AS Geldrop
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce:17263370

Dank u wel, ik neem zo spoeding mogelijk contact met u op.

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