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Solution-focused therapy

Solution-focused therapy and solution-focused work was developed at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee (USA). Their motto was: do more of what you already do, if the problem is not there (for a while). An extensive problem analysis turned out not to be necessary, which means that the therapy is shorter than other therapies.

Thesolution-focused therapist focuses not so much on making an extensive inventory of the problem, but mainly on what the client wants instead of the problem, what he/she wants to achieve. Certainly people who are having a hard time are not so much interested in the origin of their problems, but want to get rid of them as soon as possible!

My way of solvingerect work

After the client and I have described together what the future situation (goal) will look like (e.g. a cozy atmosphere at home, better functioning at work, giving the loss of a loved one a better place, more satisfied or happier are) we will look for exceptions together. These are times when the problem is absent. This is often a big challenge for most people because they think their problems are always there. Talking extensively about the moments/situations in which the problem does not exist gives the client hope that there are possibilities to get a grip on the problems. Together with the client I try to find solutions that help to achieve the desired goal.

By posingsolution-oriented questions attention is focused on itdiscover, raise awareness, preserve and strengthen of theforcesandabilitiesof the person so that she can build on that. With great respect for the special needs and wishes of the client(s) and a great confidence in their ability to change, I help the client(s) to take the next successful step towards the goal.


The duration is generally 4 – 8 sessions.


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