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Do not hesitate to contact me for a no-obligation introductory meeting or to ask any questions. I understand that finding the right therapist is an important decision, and I'm ready to help you take that step.

When you contact me, we will discuss together what your expectations and goals are, and how we can best support you.  feel heard and understood.


Hawthorn 32
5666 AS Geldrop
The Netherlands

Ik neem zo spoedig mogelijk contact met uw op. 


Coming from Mierlo/Helmond:
From the Mierloseweg, turn left at the first traffic light onto the Dwarsstraat.
After 175 m turn diagonally left onto Grote bos. After 225 m keep right on the Grote bos (past the Strabrecht College). After 350 m turn left onto the Sleedoorn (shortly after the Berkenheuvel nursing home). After 50 m turn right onto Meidoorn. After 200 m you have arrived (2nd semi-detached house on the left).

Coming from Eindhoven/Heeze:
Follow signs to Mierlo.
From Mierloseweg, at the last traffic light in Geldrop, turn right onto Dwarsstraat.

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