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Grief therapy

Grieving is a personal inner process of saying goodbye, recovering and moving on with life.

Saying goodbye and processing loss is not without sadness, despair, pain, fear or anger. This takes courage!

Grief therapy aims to help the client with his/her coping process. This is a process of change and adjustment where you let go of something or someone you are very attached to and take steps into a new world where the loved one is integrated in a different way. You connect yourself to him or her in a different way.

During grief therapy I listen carefully to the client's story. I help him or her to understand exactly what happened, to learn how to deal with intense emotions and to find a way to integrate the loss into life.  I do this by means of conversations and creative therapy.


Hawthorn 32
5666 AS Geldrop
The Netherlands

Ik neem zo spoedig mogelijk contact met uw op.

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