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Body Oriented (Psycho)Therapy

The RBCZ with which I am affiliated as a Psychosocial therapist describes Body-oriented
Psychotherapy as follows:
This form of therapy works from a holistic view of humanity and has the intention to improve
contribute to your health on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social level
level. The therapeutic relationship between you as a client and your therapist plays an important role here
important role. The starting point is that your body reflects your entire person and that one
interaction between your body and mind.

As a body-oriented therapist, I pay a lot of attention to the physical
experiences, movements, body communication, body awareness/body wisdom and
the congruence in verbal and non-verbal expression. The latter refers to the
correspondence between the words someone says and the voice/body appearance/posture.

Your body and mind work closely together and influence each other. That is to say that
thoughts provide a biological response and your body can respond to something that causes
you form certain thoughts about it.

Thisholisticapproach integrates therapeutic interventions related to
body, interpersonal relationships and cognitive processes.
If a person feels fear in some situation and gets blocked because of it, it is
possible to break through this blockage by thinking differently about the situation
(cognitive processes) that allow the body to relax or through the body by e.g.
breathing deeply and calmly, or relaxing the body so that you are able to get over it
think differently about the fearful situation.
Through body awareness, or the awareness of body sensations and the
strengthening its emotional meaning, clients are helped to release old patterns
and develop new patterns.


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