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Coaching is a specific way of guidance in which the achievement of personal and especially practical goals in the work or private field is central. 

The coach stimulates and helps the person to achieve personal goals through the development of knowledge, competences and talents.

The biggest difference between a coach and a psychologist is that you work with a psychologist to solve (serious) psychological complaints, such as fears, depression or burnout. A coach focuses more on personal development and helps the person to work towards a certain goal.

In our current busy time, we are used to getting from A to B as quickly as possible. That means that we also want to quickly reach our personal goals quickly. Therefore, work itself is happy through itsolution focused coaching that is short-lived and solutions/changes are long-term.

Solution-oriented coachen

Solution-focused coaching is a method that helps people togoalsand stay focused on what they want to achieve.


As a coach I guide people on their journey to what they are looking for. This is done throughspecializedconversations. I assume that people already possess certain skills, visions and many other resources that enable them to deal with everyday things in a competent and resilient way. During coaching I want to focus on these strengths and possibilities so that the clients make more use of them and increase them even more. This also means that the person himselfpacedetermines and indicates when he/she wishes to continue the journey (or part thereof) without my guidance.


All in all, I assume that the coaching will be short-lived and the positive changes will be long-term.


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