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A few years ago I gave mindfulness training for adults with my colleague Gerdy v. Bussel for 4 years. I stopped doing that because I noticed that I prefer working with individuals.

Since then I regularly apply mindfulness individually during my treatments or guidance.

What does Mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness is rooted in Buddhist psychology, which assumes that you pay full attention to the present moment without judgment. It is attention that also invites us to gentleness and kindness with which we look at ourselves and others.

I regularly have conversations with people who worry a lot, worry and cannot control their thoughts properly. Worrying and worrying means you are either in the past or in the future. This is very annoying and can cause many physical as well as mental problems.

Unfortunately, we cannot control what exactly will happen in the future, nor can we undo what has happened or been said in the past.

What we can control is what we do or say NOW. The now can help you process the past well and the NOW can shape your future. If we focus our attention on the here-and-now, we can relax, connect with ourselves, others, nature and our religion/spirituality/the universe.

Being attentive in the here-and-now means letting go of worries, stress and unrest. Away from autopilot and make conscious choices.

What does mind meanulness?

Letting go and finding inner peace is not easy in our very busy and fast-paced existence.

Meditation can help us with this. Meditation begins with a willingness to take whatever is happening right now and accept it as it is. You are open to meet what is happening/living in you – without judgement. You can be who you are and you take responsibility for it. You no longer wait for others or external things to happen to make you happy. You come home to yourself.

Coming home to yourself means connecting with your body. All experiences and emotions are stored in our body. By feeling your body you can access all these experiences and emotions.

Breathing is a way to relax and come to yourself. Deep, calm breathing ensures that your chaos and stress, especially in your head, but also in the rest of your body, disappears and overview and clarity is created.


In short: Mindfulness means living with attention and helps you experience the NOW more intensely and focus your attention on things that are happening in that moment. 


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