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Psychosocial therapy

The NVPA (Dutch Association for Psychologists, Psychosocial Therapists and Agogen) is
the professional association of which I am a member as a psychosocial therapist. She describes
psychosocial therapy as follows:

“Psychosocial therapy encompasses a variety of approaches to get people to
to show their problems, experiences and perceptions in a way that allows them to
attitudes and perspectives towards life.
The characteristic of psychosocial therapy is broad, client-oriented, learning to be open to it
here-and-now, without neglecting experiences in earlier stages of life.
The person requesting help with his request for help is central to the work. In addition to working on
practical solutions, the request for help is also placed in a meaningful context.
The self-healing and problem-solving capacity of the person requesting help is activated.”
As a therapist, I work from the holistic view that assumes that the human being as a whole
is seen, involving physical, psychological, social, and spiritual facets
are inextricably linked and mutually influence each other.
Also look atbody-orientedpsychology andPolyvagal theory.


Grief therapy

Grief therapy aims to help the client with his/her coping process.



Mindfulness means living with attention and helps you experience the NOW more intensely and focus your attention on things that are happening in that moment. 


Creative therapy

Creative therapy is a form of psychological therapy that uses creative expressions such as play, visual forms, drawings, physical expressions, music, etc. to make inner processes and feelings aware.


Polyvagal therapy

You learn to stand in life in a different way that helps you in a powerful way
deal with moments of chaos, setbacks and confusion.

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