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Creative therapy

Creative therapy is a form of psychological therapy that uses creative expressions such as play, visual forms, drawings, physical expressions, music, etc. to make inner processes and feelings aware.


Words sometimes fail. . . . .

There is so much going on inside you and you don't know what it is exactly and how to put it all into words.

Drawings and drawing assignments can clarify how we stand in a situation (literally and figuratively), how we see, feel, see ourselves in relation to others and how we deal with certain situations.

Through drawings / drawing assignments, our unconsciousness is given the floor. Events that we have long forgotten, but which unconsciously still influence our behavior and feelings, are expressed through drawings.

I always find it fascinating to see what happens to a person when he or she draws. The choice of drawing material, colours, shapes and/or figures express so much.

In the drawing you make contact with yourself, your greatest fears, sadness, pain, shortcomings, joy and also qualities that you possess.

I use drawings or drawing assignments when clients suffer from nightmares, are stuck in a grieving process, have experienced a trauma, are unable to progress in their personal process or want to get to know themselves better.


I regularly use drawings as a diagnostic tool to clarify the cause of certain problems that the client cannot put into words or even does not know.  Good examples are nightmares or events from your early childhood that keep coming back and you don't know what they mean or what they are about.

When I talk to a person about the drawing, we go on a journey of discovery together. This regularly leads to healing because we discover new things and can give them a place in the person's life.


Instead of drawings I sometimes use toy animals/cuddly toys or animal cards. Every animal has certain character traits that we humans recognize.

In some difficult situations we would like to have certain character traits/powers or be able to display certain behaviors. I ask my client to choose an animal in which he/she recognizes himself/herself when confronted with these kinds of difficult situations. Then I ask to choose an animal that can handle the difficult situations. We then look together at which properties/powers/behavior this animal has that ensure that it can handle difficult situations well. Then we will investigate what the person needs in order to develop those certain qualities or powers or to behave in a certain way.


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