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Solution Focused Questions

Solution-focused questions are tools that help the solution-focused therapist to keep the conversations focused.

The solution-focused therapist sees the client as an expert of himself and therefore allows himself to be informed by the client what his goal looks like, when there are times when things are going better (exceptions), where his/her personal strengths lie and what the next step towards the goal (solutions) could look like.

Example from the praktgauge:

A client arrives to me toe and says that she can't talk about her problem, but that she is so unhappy that she does doesn't sit.

A solutiontargeted question would be: What if there were a solution to your problem? What difference would that make to you?

The client might answer that she would then be happier, more spontaneous, more self-assured, or more satisfied (goal).

The following questions can then be: When are there times when you are happier, more spontaneous, more confident or satisfied (exceptions)? What do those moments look like? What exactly do you do (forces)?  Or: How did you manage to do this (abilities, powers)?


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